Pro development & support for your marketing manager

After almost 10 years working with marketing and communications professionals, we know a couple of things to be true:

  • Marketing and communications managers have an ever-scrolling to-do list 
  • These managers work in a silo - either working by the themselves or on a small, overwhelmed team 
  • These pros are young and hungry 
  • And you - her boss - don’t have the time, energy, or attention to coach, mentor or support her as much as she would like - and as much as your bottom-line needs

Welcome to the Marketing Manager Academy

Consistent, professional, and knowledgeable coaching for your Marketing Manager

what it includes:

  • One monthly community call with other Marketing Managers to encourage sharing ideas and resources, networking and supporting each other, elevating work - all led by a facilitator and guest speakers on relevant marketing topics

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions per month between toth shop’s CEO and the Marketing Manager for professional development coaching, priority organization, marketing skill learning & confidence building

  • A warm-up lesson ahead of each month’s community call to anchor all participants in one new strategy, technique, or practice to discuss collectively
  • A roadmap for marketing manager development which kicks off with a 1:1 goal setting session to ground us in her specific role and responsibilities, your business priorities and and her impact on them, and her career goals within your organization
  • access to an exclusive SLACK channel to ask relevant  or in-the-moment questions as they come up through the workday

what makes this different than traditional coaching:


this offers a blend of 1:1 support and community support 


We talk about relevant marketing topics that will help your business 


this is a fun, positive, and uplifting to empower your marketing manager

Why partner with toth shop for this coaching:

CEO Meg Seitz has close to 20 years experience in classroom teaching, coaching and mentoring students 

we know this role well - toth shop has worked with over 250+ marketing & communications teams since 2014 

We are IN this work daily, supporting dozens of teams in marketing, communications & branding solutions

You can expect monthly community call conversations to discuss marketing and communications topics such as:

  • Client or customer experience 
  • Monthly reporting 
  • Newsletter creation  
  • Email campaigns and strategy 
  • Marketing collateral concepting and development
  • Branding, design and photography 
  • Website design and management  
  • Content calendars and quarterly planning 
  • Social media 
  • Paid campaigns 
  • SEO/SEM 
  • Leadership 
  • Intern management / team management 
  • Copywriting 
  • What’s trending in marketing, communications and copywriting 
  • Holiday planning and gifting

ready to make the commitment to your marketing?




We recommend joining for at least three months; after that, she can stay as long as she needs or likes to feel supported