You're in the elevator with a potential customer.

what do you say?

we all know that panic. you need to communicate who you are and what you do in less than 60 seconds  - and feel good. what’s clutch in these moments? your brand storytelling.

let’s work together to craft the key storytelling strategies and messaging that empower you to succeed in important business moments.

meet brand messaging 101

A course designed to shape your business story, key messaging, and communication strategy to connect with potential customers, sell your products and services, and grow your business.

how this course got started

‘I mean, I know everything about the business - but I don’t know how to say it to someone else.’

We hear that over and over again from exhausted side hustlers who are trying to take their business full-time. You’re so in the weeds getting everything off the ground that you don’t know where to start when it comes to telling a business story that sells.

We designed a simple, stress-free solution to help you thrive in that 30-second elevator ride with a potential customer.

3 reasons why this course matters'


  • You need go-to, no-fail messaging
  • The clearer and more consistent your storytelling is, the more likely you are to connect with other people, sell your product and service, and communicate your bigger picture - which is really what this business is about, amIright?
  • Your confidence is what sells - you’ll walk away from this course with a new feeling of ownership about who you are and how to power up your marketing with YOUR words

we designed this course to:


respect your time.

You're busy, we get it.
You'll be able to watch all videos in a weekend


help take the fear out of the first move.

We take the ‘scary’ out of the first step with tips, tricks, and Homework assignments that don’t drag.


deliver a confidence boost.

You're meant to be here - it's time to own it.


honor your wallet.

Spend your money on the business building, this is an affordable investment that packs a punch - you’ll use this for years to come!

who is this good for?

You’re a great fit for Business Messaging 101 if you’re a first-time business owners, makers, creators, and idea generators who wants million-dollar storytelling strategies in your back pocket - for just a couple hundred bucks.

here's the rundown:

Module 1.

What You Can Expect -
and Get Excited For

Module 2.

So, You Have an Idea...

Module 3.

Meet Your North Star Pieces: Your Foundation Messaging

Module 4.

What Problem is Your Business Solving?

Module 5.

Meet Your Audience

Module 6.

What to Say

Module 7.

Where to Say It

Module 8.

How to Say It

Module 9.

Create Your Brand Experience

Module 10.

Gut Check: What's Your Mindset For This Business Journey?

Module 11.

Master Your Founder Power

Module 12.

Introduce Your Business to the World

Module 13.

Power Up Your Marketing

Module 14.

How to Move Forward with Your Messaging & Marketing


what’s your cost of not doing this now?

Another month with a ‘Coming Soon’ website page because you don’t know where to start

Business-generating decisions that are inconsistent, unclear, and fear-based

More awkward moments in elevators where you don't know how to talk about who you are and what you do

Choice One

Keep stalling, avoiding and finger-crossing that this brand messaging will figure itself out; until then, you avoid any opportunity to talk about, market or sell your business to get it moving in the right direction.

you have two choices now

Choice Two

Invest a weekend to dig into the education you need to kick-start your messaging and lay a solid foundation for everything in your business moving forward.



pricing options


  • Exclusive access to the Business Messaging 101 course


  • Exclusive access to the Brand Messaging 101 Course
  • One 30 Minute Coaching Session with toth shop’s Founder & CEO 
  • A copy of shop talks e-book, “So, What Do You Do?”